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AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov) HOVEDGADEN 3 , DK-6534 Tønder-Agerskov

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Zentrum 0.13 km Bahnhof 32.64 km
1/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
2/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
3/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
4/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
5/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
6/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
7/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
8/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
9/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
10/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)
11/11 AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)

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Wichtige Informationen

Stil und Atmosphäre des Hotels

The agerskov kro was built during the 15th centurythis two floor rural building has a historicalatmosphere attached to it. Stroll through thelounge and view the vintage historical mementodating back to times past, old traditions andgeneral development has made this inn a modern andcomfortable place to stay. Agerskov kro is sitedin the middle of southern jutland, an area knownfor its beauty. The quiet countryside environmentmakes this inn a perfect location for a relaxingholiday, as one of the best beaches in denmark isjust thirty minutes away.-Property description-agerskov kro and hotel has 38 nice rooms of which16 are for disabled persons. In 2009 the inn wasextended with 4 new luxurious apartments whichencircle the new vineyard with a huge 150 year-oldcopper beech in the middle. The innkeeperregularly bids welcome to inn evenings with alarge buffet and to weekend stays with music anddancing. The inn arranges mini holidays and golfholidays. It also provides premises forconferences and parties with up to 260participants with dancing or 320 participantswithout dancing.Agerskov kro and hotel is situated in the middleof south jutland in the village agerskov. Agerskovkro and hotel has been here as far back as anybodycan remember. The history of the inn dates back to1659 in which year polish mercenaries set fire tothe inn - although the poles actually were hiredby the danish king to help denmark in the eternalwar against the swedes. To this should be addedthat they dragged along the dreadful deceasetyphus fever which spread very quickly and nearlydepopulated whole farms and villages in the areabetween ribe and haderslev.Agerskov kro lived on and got its first royallicense in 1767. There was both an inn- a farm- aprovision dealer- a distillery- a brewery and acourt here. People gathered in this place fromnear and far - both for large parties and for agame of cards in a quiet corner of the inn. Todaythe hosts of the inn are bodil and peter otte. Theseveral centuries-old buildings of the inn havebeen modernized with due respect for the originalatmosphere.It is the innkeeper himself who is responsible forthe cuisine together with his skilled chefs. Theyspend a lot of care on the food both deliciousopen sandwiches and the specialities on the menucard agerskov kro and hotel is member of thegourmet route and therefore offers a 5-coursegourmet menu each day.

Serviceleistungen im Hotel

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Akzeptierte Zahlungsmittel

AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov) akzeptiert folgende Kreditkarten:

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Lage und Enfernung

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0.13 km
Agerskov, Tønder (Syddanmark)


32.64 km
Süderlügum Bahnhof

Lage des Hotels

Häufig gestellte Fragen zu AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL (Tønder-Agerskov)

Bietet AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL Parkplätze für Gäste?
Gäste vom AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL stehen leider keine Parkmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung.
Kann man im AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL frühstücken?
Leider bietet das AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL kein Frühstück für Gäste an.
Um wie viel Uhr kann man frühstens im AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL einchecken?
Ein Check-in ist frühestens ab 01:21 Uhr möglich.
Wann muss man spätestens auschecken?
Der Check-out ist bis spätestens 01:21 Uhr möglich.
Wie weit ist der nächste Bahnhof entfernt?
Der nächste Bahnhof ist 32.6 km von der Unterkunft entfernt.
Welche Vorteile hat man, wenn man das AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL über HRS bucht?
Leider bietet das AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL keine Vorteile für HRS-Gäste.
Gibt es im AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL ein Restaurant?
Das Hotel hat kein eigenes Restaurant.
Ist das Hotel barrierefrei?
AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL ist leider nicht barrierefrei.
Sind die Hotelzimmer mit einer Klimaanlage ausgestattet?
Die Hotelzimmer im AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL haben leider keine eigene Klimaanlage.
Kann man meine Buchung im AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL kostenlos stornieren?
Mit unserem Flex-Tarif können HRS-Kunden ihre Hotelbuchung immer bis 18 Uhr des Check-In-Tages kostenlos stornieren.
Mit welchen Zahlungsmethoden kann man in AGERSKOV KRO OG HOTEL bezahlen?
Mit folgenden Zahlungsmittel können Sie im Hotel bezahlen:
  • Diners Club
  • Visa
  • Eurocard/Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Japan Credit Bureau (JCB Int'l)
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