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The Insights Events for the Lodging Category

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What to expect at the HRS Labs?

Only 40% of business travelers are booking through the managed channel at the negotiated rate. Therefore, companies are faced with a problem, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic: their new high priority of fulfilling duty of care towards employees while significantly reducing costs is utterly impossible to achieve when they have no control over their hotel program.

Good news: You can master these challenges! Register for the HRS Labs to learn more about how companies can improve their program through the right procurement approach or payment solution. Sign up for the Meetings and Groups series to learn more about the most complex category within the industry or register for the Industry Trends series to stay up to date about the latest news and innovations in your local market.

What trainings are you looking for?

Deep-dive into the current topics in the  industry

New hygiene standards, sustainable travel management or innovations in the hotel landscape – you don’t want to miss any trends and its effects on the industry? Stay up to date with ourHRS Industry Insights Labs.

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Manage your hotel program end-to-end

Driven by innovation and a technology-geared approach, HRS developed the first and only platform around the lodging category enabling efficiencies, traveler satisfaction and safety throughout the entire process from procurement to booking to payment and expense. The HRS Lodging as a Service Lab series are serving as a gateway to gain an overview of the platform end-to-end and understand what benefits it brings to your corporate lodging program.

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Simplify your Meetings and Groups with our digital platform

At the┬áHRS Meetings as a Service Labs┬áyou will learn how the right data will provide forecasting, transparency and allow programs to be optimized – helping you achieve financial and duty of care goals.

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Smarter, faster, safer hotel procurement

It is time for travel leaders to seize new opportunities to deal with the emerging needs of duty of care, cost pressure and planning reliability. The pandemic created new requirements in corporate managed programs – we focus on this situation in our HRS Procurement Labs.

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Digital payments streamline the booking and expensing process

How can you enable a touchless experience from check-in to payment for your customers? Register now for the HRS Payment Labs to get all the answers and learn how you can drive adoption of your program by up to 30 percent!

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Searching for other HRS Events?

HRS organizes its own expert events and regularly participates in the best events in the travel industry around the world, where professionals come together in an open exchange of information and expertise. At HRS we believe this is one of the most beneficial ways to connect with our clients and the wider community in the business travel and events industry. Here you can gain further insights into our events world: