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Revolutionizing the corporate lodging industry

HRS is revolutionizing managed lodging programs for corporations, hotels and business travelers worldwide with its proprietary technology and expertise.

We are committed to facilitating safety, savings, security and sustainable hotel options for our global client roster. Leveraging our unique Lodging as a Service platform, we oversee the totality of corporate hotel programs for our clients, from initial procurement and rate assurance to booking, virtual payment and expense management. With more than 60,000 hotels joining HRSÔÇÖ Clean & Safe Protocol in 2020, and the recently launched Green Stay Initiative, HRS provides newly-prioritized information on key decision factors impacting post-pandemic travel.

Our companyÔÇÖs data-driven solutions deliver savings and performance for corporations across all hotel categories, including transient, meetings and long-stay lodging scenarios ÔÇôall while digitizing processes on the hotel side for a better traveler experience.

Founded in 1972, HRS today works with 35 percent of the global Fortune 500, as well as the worldÔÇÖs leading hotel chains, regional hospitality groups and independent hotels.

HRS Lodging as a Service Platform

Our Mission Statement

HRS simplifies business travel and all involved processes of the hotel stay for individual travelers and global corporations by offering innovative, digital solutions to manage overnight stays in an efficient, effective and sustainable way. Our corporate mission substantiates the behavior and activities of all HRS employees and determines our common corporate identity and culture.

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We leverage our expertise in complexity to create simplicity for your travel program and your travelers.

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Our Values

As a company, we are not only aware of our economic task and responsibility, but also of our role as an employer, service provider, partner and part of the society in which we operate – and have been since 1972. And above all as a company that has a responsibility for the world we want to leave to our children. Sustainable use of resources is therefore firmly anchored in our daily activities. This includes supporting our customers in reducing their environmental impacts through innovative solutions ÔÇô as despite all transformation in consequence of COVID-19 business trips will take place again in the future.

Moreover, as one of the leading suppliers in the business travel sector we aim at continuously improving our own environmental performance and make constant efforts to minimize our ecological impact. In addition to strict compliance with the national environmental regulations in each country we are operating, we commit ourselves to clear principles for our corporate behavior.

At HRS we are on the mission to revolutionize and simplify business travel. Following our mission means living our four core values in our day-to-day business:

We are customer centric:

Business travelers are our ultimate customers whilst we re-engineer business travel for enterprises and closely collaborate with accommodation partners. We adapt quickly to shifting travelersÔÇÖ needs and enhance their experience to create sustainable value.

We are entrepreneurial:

We all are accountable to deliver on our vision. We are curious, constantly move forward, explore opportunities and take action fast. We relentlessly learn and iterate to find out what works best to deliver on our mission.

We are pioneering:

Prioritizing innovation today is our key to unlocking growth. ThatÔÇÖs why we think big and small to revolutionize lodging for tomorrows connected world of business travel.

Thus, we constantly drive incremental innovation in our products and ways of working to ensure quality work.

We are united:

We work together as one global network, committed, supportive and determined. We encourage every oneÔÇÖs contribution and support each other to learn and develop. We appreciate and care for each other by living up to our shared mission and values.

With a global footprint and more than 890 employees representing 57 nationalities, diversity is an embedded value in our business. One rule applies to all HRS employees without exception: We will never put our economic interests, our thirst for innovation and our creative urge over ethical or moral principles.

Business Lines

HRS leading technology is simplifying business travel for global corporations, small and medium sized companies as well as unmanaged business travelers with 4 dedicated brands and provides a smart solution for vacation rental distribution:

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For Enterprise Customers

Tackle your hotel program holistically with a proprietary end-to-end solution from procurement to booking to payment and expense management – all in one platform powered by data.

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For Hotel Partners

HRS provides global chain hotels, regional groups and individual hotels with a platform for the global corporate market and helps meet the needs of decision makers and travelers.

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For Individual Travelers

With┬áEurope’s leading hotel booking portal you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for. HRS offers a large selection of┬áhotels┬áfor┬ábusiness┬áand private travelers worldwide.

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Meet the pioneers of tomorrow’s corporate travel

Our company’s international management team brings together extensive expertise and market know-how. They use their decades of combined experience in the corporate travel and hotel industries, and from around the globe, to drive the company into the future.

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Global perspective, regional expertise

HRS has a global footprint of more than┬á35 localized teams worldwide,┬áproviding regional and local market knowledge and support to meet our customers’ and partners’ global challenges.

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Global Fortune 500 customers who trust HRS

Proudly providing Lodging as a Service for global Fortune 500 customers

Founded in 1972, HRS today works with 35% of the global Fortune 500, as well as the worldÔÇÖs leading hotel chains, regional hospitality groups and independent hotels.┬á